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KetoCalculator is free to healthcare professionals who have a working knowledge of the ketogenic diet. Patients of these professionals may gain access through their program via a separate username and password (provided by the healthcare professional).

Before you complete and submit your registration below, it is very important for you to read the following information so that you understand how to manage your subscription now and in the future.


Registration/Subscription Frequently Asked Questions:

How many subscriptions are allowed at our clinic/hospital?
  • It is recommended that each “keto center” have only one username/password so that there is one complete patient database.  The username and password can be shared with coworkers who are involved with the care of ketogenic diet patients (and are licensed health care providers).
  • If other departments in the same hospital, such as metabolic clinics, are managing patients on the ketogenic diet; then it is appropriate to submit a separate subscription for that clinic.  The program is only intended to be used for managing patients on the ketogenic diet.
Once I submit my registration information, how quickly will I receive my username/password?
  • Within two business days
If for some reason I do not receive an email notification with my username/password, who should I contact?
  • Beth Zupec-Kania: 262-754-8706
If I lose my username/password, what should I do?
  • Go to the ketocalculator home page where you will find an area to submit your email address. Your username and password will then be sent back to the same email address.
  • As a safety, please make sure you print your username/password and file with the director/administrator of your program (ex. Medical Director or Clinical Nutrition Manager). 
  • To print your username/password:
    • Go to the “KetoCalculator Main Menu”
    • Select “Table Maintenance”
    • Select “Organization Settings”
    • Print this page and file

Please print a copy of this page for future reference.
When you receive your username and password, record the information here:

Username: ___________________
Password:  ___________________

Registration Information: 

Complete the information below; print the page, and then press “Submit”.

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Medical Institution:*
Profession/Job Title:*
License/ADA Number:*
Address 1:*
Address 2:
Verify Email:*
Please enter your email again for verification.

If you need assistance, contact Beth at 262-754-8706.
You will receive your username and password via email within two business days. |

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